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Health Watch: 4 reasons to get a gym buddy

Unless you are a highly motivated self-starter who always sticks to workouts, you may want to consider finding a workout partner. Exercising with a buddy can keep you accountable, provide motivation and be lots of fun! Here are four reasons why pairing up will increase your productivity when working out.

Accountability: When your alarm goes off at 5 a.m., hitting the snooze button isn't an option if you're expected to meet your workout buddy. Making an appointment with a gym buddy keeps you accountable.

Variety: You have your go-to ab moves, favorite bicep exercises and tried-and-true cardio routine. But guess what? So does your partner! That means double the fitness knowledge. Plus, you can do workouts that are a bit tricky to do alone.

Challenge: You may think you're pushing yourself to the limits at the gym, but a study from Kansas State University thinks you can go a little harder with a little help. The study found that people who worked out with someone they perceived as athletically superior will exercise harder and longer than they would solo.

Fun: Your workout partner isn't someone you dread spending time with. If so, you should probably rethink your choice! Nope, this person can actually be a fun addition to exercise. When's the last time you've laughed during a strength superset?

— Life Fitness

Health Watch: 4 reasons to get a gym buddy