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On a sunny day in early May, Southern Oregon locals spent the day in bounce houses, grilling burgers, and discussing the existence of Bigfoot. The annual Sasquatch Art, Wine, and Golf Festival is held in Cave Junction and Scot Violette took some time out of his busy schedule to talk about his research and what makes Bigfoot a more nuanced presence in Oregon than most may think. Scot was the guest speaker for the Festival. He’s been an anthropologist for 25 years and claims to have personally seen the big guy himself.Sightings of Bigfoot are not uncommon in the Pacific Northwest. And yet, most remain skeptical. Even Bigfoot's remains are hard to come by although most anthropologists think he may be a distant relative of Giganto Pithicus, a prehistoric great ape. Mother Nature is full of surprises. In a fight or flight world full of predators, thick shells and fast feet, it isn’t impossible to imagine a creature who is the best at staying hidden.

Many anthropologists think Bigfoot is related to Giganto Pithicus.